Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Hardy Boys Revised Text #7 Secret of the Caves and #9 Great Airport Mystery

In the revised text of Hardy Boys #7, The Secret of the Caves, the boys are asked to search for Morgan Todd, who is missing.  Fenton Hardy's case involves preventing sabotage to a Coastal Radar Station.  The boys travel to Honeycomb Caves where their adventures strongly parallel those of the original text.

I like the subplot with the missing relative, Morgan Todd, much better than its counterpart with Toddham Todd from the original text.

The end of the book is interesting with no long question and answer session.  Yay!  I thoroughly enjoyed this book.  I enjoyed it at least as much as the original text, and I'm sure I enjoyed some parts of it more than the original text. 

In the revised text of Hardy Boys #9, The Great Airport Mystery, Frank and Joe are hired by a mining shipment company to investigate stolen shipments containing platinum.  During the investigation, the boys hear the voice of an airline pilot who is supposed to be dead, and they wonder whether he is alive or whether they are hearing his ghost.

On page 140, Chet jokes about starting a "ghost-to-ghost network."  I couldn't help thinking of the "Ghost-to-Ghost Hookup" in the Three Investigators series.  

The original text has a lot of problems, including racist language, the stupid scene where Frank tries to keep his car ahead of a plane trying to land, and the boys' false graduation from high school that was rescinded in the next book.  All of that was removed, which is good.

While I enjoyed the revised text, I think I enjoyed the original text more.

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