Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Hardy Boys #56 Jungle Pyramid and #57 Firebird Rocket

In Hardy Boys #56, The Jungle Pyramid, a million dollars' worth of gold has been stolen from the Wakefield Mint.  Fenton asks his sons to help him track down the culprits.

I did not like how the boys go to Europe for a brief interlude which is actually pointless to the plot.  I like books better when the characters travel less. Some travelogue information is included, which also detracts from the story.

The title of this book has almost nothing to do with the story.  Near the end, the boys do find a lost pyramid in the jungle.  They actually find the pyramid way too easily, when apparently others had been fruitlessly searching for the pyramid for decades. So we are expected to believe that in the days of airplanes and helicopters that no one had been able to spot this pyramid, but the Hardy boys find it immediately without even trying.  Right.

The book wore on me towards the end, although it was good overall.

In Hardy Boys #57, The Firebird Rocket, a famous rocket scientist has disappeared.  His disappearance has endangered the launch of the Firebird Rocket, a top-secret project.

The boys behave quite stupidly at times.  For instance, they find Jenson but then sit around and discuss the case in great detail with Jenson, giving the criminals time to catch up with them.

On page 154, I was quite puzzled that the boys and Jenson are sent away from the rocket site to keep them safe.  The rocket site is more secure than a cheap motel.  Of course, since this makes no sense, it's a huge red flag as to what is really going on.  It's a flaw in the plot since the illogical nature of this event gives the reader insight into the mystery.

I overall greatly enjoyed this book.

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