Sunday, March 6, 2016

Hardy Boys #48 Arctic Patrol and #49 Bombay Boomerang

In Hardy Boys #48, The Arctic Patrol Mystery, Fenton Hardy sends his sons to Iceland to find a sailor who is missing.  The sailor is due an inheritance.  Meanwhile, a U.S. astronaut has gone missing in Iceland, and the boys look for clues as they search for the sailor.

Chet can be such an idiot.  He blabs about the boys' secret plans to a television reporter.  For that matter, Frank and Joe aren't that much more intelligent.  They put an ad in the newspaper in Iceland advertising the inheritance and giving the man's name, telling him to contact them.  And of course, the boys receive a bunch of fake contacts.

On page 72, the boys purchase shaving equipment.  There is nothing unusual about this.  It stood out because it had never been mentioned before.  Typically, personal care aside from eating and sleeping is seldom mentioned in series books.

This book has amazing coincidences.  The flight attendant from the boys' plane shows up briefly at their hotel.  In the few minutes the boys speak to her, she gets them an audience with her uncle who gives them the tip that leads them to the missing man.

This book does not drag and is interesting from start to finish.  The coincidences are too amazing and the mystery solved too easily, but I still greatly enjoyed it.

In Hardy Boys #49, The Bombay Boomerang, Frank and Joe help their father investigate the theft of mercury shipments along the coast.

The boys get a vital clue to the mystery when they make a phone call but enter the wrong area code.  They wanted area code 212 but instead entered 202.  And of course, they get better information from the wrong area code than from the right one.  While I can forgive this kind of stupidity, this is why so many people hate the higher-numbered books.

The Hardys know that a bug has been placed on their home phone service.  On page 88, the boys return home and nothing is mentioned about the bug.  I thought they would want to get rid of it.  On page 133, the bug is finally mentioned again, so the boys phone their father from a neighbor's house.  But wait.  A hour passes with the boys discussing the mystery.  Their father calls back and tells them important details.  Fine, but whose home are they in?  Did they stay at their neighbor's house for that one hour?

Even though some scenes are stupid, I greatly enjoyed this story.  It does not drag at all, not even at the end.

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