Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Hardy Boys #50 Vampire Trail and #51 Masked Monkey

In Hardy Boys #50, Danger on Vampire Trail, Frank and Joe drive to the Rocky Mountains to track down a group of men who use counterfeit credit cards.  The boys are harassed by bikers and others constantly during their trip to Colorado.

This book reminds me of the Three Investigators book, The Mystery of the Trail of Terror.  The parallels are rather obvious.  Both books have people on motorcycles harassing the protagonists during a cross-country trip via automobile.  In both books, the boys are attacked constantly.  It's also interesting that both books have the word "trail" in the title.

The book wore on me towards the end, although I overall enjoyed the ending.

In Hardy Boys #51, The Masked Monkey, Frank and Joe are asked to find Graham Retson, who is the son of a wealthy man.  Meanwhile, Fenton works on a fake passport case. 

On page 4, Fenton Hardy comments that it is a "strange coincidence" that the passports were stolen in Granite City, which is where the missing man, Graham Retson, lives.  Strange?  Hardly.  This happens in every Hardy Boys book!  At least we know from the beginning that both cases, as always, will be intertwined. 

This book is excellent.  I was never bored, and I even had to force myself to go to bed when I was halfway through the book.  I wanted to keep reading!

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