Saturday, October 10, 2015

Ted Wilford #13 Abandoned Mine, #14 Shamrock, and #15 Greenhouse Mystery

In Ted Wilford #13, The Abandoned Mine Mystery, the mine in East Walton has been closed for years after an explosion.  Mr. Dobson wants Ted to investigate after he receives a letter that suggests that the explosion was not an accident.

Exploring an old mine at night is always exciting. 

I don't have any specific comments about this book, but I greatly enjoyed it.  The story is excellent.

In Ted Wilford #14, The S.S. Shamrock Mystery, Ted and Nelson take jobs on a freighter in the Great Lakes.  The boys are to investigate strange happenings on the ship.

This was the very first Ted Wilford book that I read when I was trying to figure out whether I should build a set.  I enjoyed the book but not enough to know whether I should commit to buying the other books in the set.  The story was nothing special.

When I later read the Sandy Steele books, I found that having already read this book was most helpful as I read Stormy VoyageThe S. S. Shamrock Mystery describes a long boat in great detail, really in too much detail for my taste.  Because of that great detail, I knew everything I needed to know about a long boat while reading Stormy Voyage and was able to visualize it well. Stormy Voyage does not describe much about the long boat.

After I read the other Ted Wilford books approximately six months after I read this book, I decided to read The S.S. Shamrock Mystery again to see whether I would like it better.  There was way too much historical and technical information, which I skipped.  By page 45, I decided that I wasn't interested in reading the book again.  The S.S. Shamrock Mystery is my least favorite book in the series, and it is interesting that I read it first.

In Ted Wilford #15, The Greenhouse Mystery, Ted and Nelson investigate a theft from a nursery that breeds roses.  Soon, the boys learn that someone may be trying to steal the rights to a special rose.

I decided not to read this book again in order to review it, but I greatly enjoyed it when I read it a couple of months ago.  It was the second Ted Wilford book that I read.  I enjoyed it so much that I acquired all of the books that I was able to find, thus resulting in a partial set of 10 out of the 15 books.

Like other Ted Wilford books, the plots moves slowly but is very engaging.

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