Monday, October 19, 2015

Phyllis Whitney Isle of Skye and Green Cat

In Mystery on the Isle of Skye, Cathy MacLeod visits the Isle of Skye with her relatives, the Corbins.  Where Cathy will live in the future is uncertain, since her grandmother is quite ill.  On the trip, Cathy learns much about the isle and her family.

This book is a travelogue, and I found it boring.  I didn't care about Cathy or anything about the Isle of Skye.  I felt that the story was presented in a way that was not compelling nor very interesting.  If I wanted to learn everything there is to know about the MacLeods and Scotland, then the book would have been highly fascinating.  Since I didn't care, I found the book dull.

I began skimming the text fairly early in the book and completely quit reading by halfway through the book. I did read the last page or two to see where Cathy would end up living, but quite frankly, I did not care.

In Mystery of the Green Cat, two boys and two girls are brought together into the same family when their parents marry.  The boys are quite hostile to the girls.  Soon, a distraction is provided when a rock is thrown through a window from the neighboring property.  Jill and Andy join forces to investigate the mysterious events.

This book starts out very slowly, and I didn't find it interesting.  Once the plot gets started, the book is interesting.  From around halfway through the book to the end, the book is excellent.

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