Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Phyllis Whitney Strange Traveler and Black Diamonds

In Mystery of the Strange Traveler, Laurie and her sister visit their Aunt Serena on Staten Island.  Aunt Serena opens a book store on her property, and Laurie notices a prowler at night.  The prowler may be connected to Aunt Serena's mysterious neighbors.  After Laurie learns about a legend that links her family with the neighbors, Laurie finds a way to solve a mystery that ends up helping both families.

This book contains several quotes about reading and books that all readers will understand and enjoy. 

This book was slow to gain my interest, and I did not enjoy it very much. 

In Black Diamonds, Angie and Mark stay with their family in a ghost town.  While in the ghost town, Angie and Mark come into possession of a map that supposedly leads to a treasure.  Soon, the young people realize that others wish to prevent them from finding the treasure.

Black Diamonds is set in a ghost town in Colorado.  The setting and atmosphere of the book remind me of the Troy Nesbit books and the Secret Circle book, The Legend of the Devil's Lode.

I greatly enjoyed this book.

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