Friday, October 16, 2015

Large Number of Foreign Editions Listed on eBay

As many of you know, a series book collector's collection has been split up and sold on eBay in recent months by several different sellers.  In a future post, I will provide information on what sold and for how much.

I was able to purchase many of the foreign editions.  One seller was good about separating out the lots so that the first lot sold consisted of all titles, then future lots had the duplicates.  This meant that I only needed to purchase the first lot to get what I needed, so fortunately, other collectors were able to purchase the later subsequent lots.

Unfortunately, another seller listed the books in unsorted lots, so each subsequent lot had at least one or two books I needed with lots of duplicates from the previous lot or lots.  As a result, I was forced to buy many duplicate books.

All told, I have purchased around 300 foreign edition series books in the last three months.  This has been a very time-consuming process of sorting the books and comparing them up against what I already had.  I then had to make sure that I kept the right book and didn't accidentally put a book I didn't have in the pile to sell.  I next had to catalog what I kept on LibraryThing or update the listing if I upgraded the book.

I don't know how many hours I have spent on this.  I know it's at least around 20 hours, and it very well could be more than that.  I'm still not done.  I have stacked the new additions on top of books on my shelves.  I'm probably going to have to shift approximately 1,000 to 2,000 books around in order to fit in the new books.

In the meantime, I have now listed the majority of the extras, and that in itself took up a lot of time.  These books have temporarily taken over my life, and I'm glad to finally have most of the extras listed.

Jennifer's Series Books on eBay

Some books are listed at higher prices than what I paid, but others are listed at lower prices.  In the end, it balances out.  I actually averaged out the total amount I paid for the books when I figured my cost per book.

Also don't forget the books I have listed in my Bonanza booth.

Jennifer's Series Books on Bonanza

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