Wednesday, June 30, 2010

More Books Listed on eBay

I have listed many more books on my secondary ID:

Books Listed

I have also begun to list books on my primary ID:

Nancy Drew Books Listed

Using my primary ID serves two purposes. First, I want to have plenty of my 100 free listings left on my first ID so I can relist unsold items without having to pay a fee. Second, I can see how my exposure compares on the two IDs. This should give me some interesting information.


Paula said...

Jennifer, I'm amazed that your 1st printing PC of Pine Hill, with virtually no flaws, didn't sell at $9.99! Did you have a counter on this item to see how many views it got? I think part of the problem selling on ebay now is that items just are not getting seen. Also, when ebay offers free listings, the volume tends to get unmanageable for most buyers. Plus it's summertime... did you find in the past that sales on ebay slackened off in the summer?

Jennifer White said...

I actually had two first printings of Pine Hill on eBay, and neither one sold! I did one on each ID to see if one would do better. The number of hits was approximately the same and very low for each book. I think that eBay is now on a major decline, which is why I am now on a quest to see if I can get people to understand that Google Product Search is a good tool to use.

I used to do great on eBay in the summertime. In fact, I would do most of my eBay selling each summer, and that was my pattern from 1998 through 2008. Even in 2008, I did great, but 2008 was when eBay began to make the drastic changes that have resulted in the present situation.

I listed very little on eBay throughout 2009, and I noticed that as the months passed, my items did worse and worse. In early 2010, I had a few very cheap lots that went unnoticed on my primary ID. That was when I switched to my secondary ID and got much better exposure and good results.

I think my secondary ID still has better exposure than my primary ID, but it appears that the exposure for the secondary ID is on the decline. It is like the more items I sell, the lower the exposure I have. I am considering going to a third ID to see what happens. I now consider eBay nearly useless for selling.

I know that online sales do slump in the summer months as a general rule, but my summer sales were strong from 1998 through 2008, so something else is afoot. Part of it may be the economy, but a big part of it is eBay itself.