Thursday, June 10, 2010

Linda Carlton's Perilous Summer

While reading this book I finally figured out in which state Linda lives. Perhaps it was mentioned in the first book, and I somehow missed it; but I don't think so. Linda and her Aunt Emily live in Spring City, Ohio. Each summer, they vacation at Green Falls, Michigan, which is on Lake Michigan.

It is rather helpful to know where Linda lives.

This book is like the typical mystery story in the spirit of Nancy Drew. Linda and her friend, Dot Crowley, fly in Linda's autogiro over Lake Michigan to Wisconsin. While there, they see a hit and run accident. A young girl is struck by a man in a car and is flung into a ditch. Linda and Dot take the girl to a hospital. Since the girl has no memory of whom she is, Linda and Dot take her back to Green Falls.

Like in the typical series book plot, the young girl is an heiress and an unscrupulous relative is attempting to steal her inheritance. Will he succeed, or will Linda manage to outsmart him?

Just like in Linda Carlton's Island Adventure, Linda has a suitor who doggedly pursues her. At first, Linda enjoys his attention, but later, she decides that he is not her type. Linda picks up potential suitors as easily as Connie Blair. Each book has a new one to add to the list.

The book has a ghost, a couple of plane crashes, and a burning building. It should come as no surprise that Linda and her friends are trapped inside the burning building. Can they possibly make it out alive?

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