Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Linda Carlton's Ocean Flight

It was a pleasure to begin reading this book, since I actually have a Burt edition with good quality paper. While I greatly enjoyed the first book, I disliked having to read a Saalfield edition that has poor quality paper which has an odor. Unfortunately, with the third book, I will return to a Saalfield edition with poor quality paper. Yuck.

In this book, Linda has decided that she wishes not only to become an airplane mechanic but to become a commercial pilot. Linda is subjected to jokes about her name, that she must have been named after Charles Lindbergh, aka "Lindy."

Both Linda and her best friend, Louise, sign up for a flight school in St. Louis. Before they depart Kitty Clavering organizes a flight club, and one of the members is Bess Hulbert, an aviatrix. Bess Hulbert takes an immediate disliking to both Linda and Louise.

The girls learn that a wealthy woman is offering a $25,000 reward for the first woman or women to fly from New York to Paris without a man. Both Linda and Bess decide to try for the prize. Bess decides to resort to an underhanded scheme in order to prevent Linda from being able to attempt the flight. Linda finds herself in a very messy situation as a result.

Books with jealous rivals are always fun, and this book definitely delivers. Without getting into the specifics, I can tell you that so far Edith Lavell has had the villains in this series get punished quite well. Ouch. I wonder what the next three volumes have in store?

I have enjoyed the first two volumes in this series tremendously. Onward to volume three!


I have now added the Linda Carlton section to my website.


Brandi said...

I hope this spurs the interest! Thank you, Jennifer!

Jennifer White said...

I think it very well may by the time I'm done. I'm not exaggerating when I say that this is an above average series. I am currently three-fourths of the way through volume 5, so I am at the point where I can judge the entire series.

I am not getting my books listed on Bonanzle like I planned because I am more interested in reading these books. It is a situation where I have dropped everything else so that I can read the books.