Monday, June 28, 2010

Free Auction Listings for Two Weeks at Any Start Price

You might recall that I recently stated that the only way eBay can get me to list items is for eBay to give me free listings regardless of the start price.

Free Auction-Style Listing Promotion

So of course I will see what I can come up with to list on eBay. It will have to be additional items that have been stagnant on Bonanzle or items that I want to move quickly. This will give me another opportunity to expose more buyers to Bonanzle.

For those of you who opened an eBay store to get lower fees, you are excluded from this promotion, unless you use a different ID to list the auctions. You will be charged for the listings if you use an ID that has an eBay store subscription. I disagree with eBay's exclusionary tactics, although I understand that eBay is trying to get people like me, who no longer sell on eBay, to list their items on eBay.


stratomiker said...

EBay raised fees on fixed-price listings to get everybody to open a store, where they are cheaper. Now they are pushing auctions. Why don't they just stop and take some long deep breaths? They are acting like a mad hen scrambling to do this and then that and pushing everyone into this thing and then that thing!

Now they are promting the eBay ProStores, a totally new store thingy apart from eBay stores.

Sheez. What are they trying to do? How much commerce do they think the Web can handle before it all blows up like the banks and mortgages fiasco did? Too much, too much, too much! When you bloat, inflate, spread thin, and manipulate everyone into more than they can handle, the only result is disaster.


Jennifer White said...

It really is insane, isn't it? A lot of the people who opened stores are furious that they are excluded from the free auction listings. I'm so glad that I opened up a store outside eBay and not on eBay. At least I can take advantage of the free listings.

But consider this: I have not been a loyal eBay seller in the last year and a half. Why do I deserve free listings? I can understand why the store owners are bitter.

I quit selling on eBay because eBay demoralized me and demoted my listings in search. I couldn't sell anything, so I had no choice. Now I can come back and get free listings. Make no mistake that I am only listing in quantity on eBay when I get free listings. I am using eBay, period. My goal since early 2009 is to avoid getting burned on listing fees on eBay.

I agree that eBay seems headed towards disaster. What will they do next?