Friday, May 14, 2010

Popularity of Different Series

I haven't shared site stats in a very long time. Here are screen caps of the Google Analytics data for my website for the top 57 most-visited URLs on my website from early 2008 to the present.

#1 is the main page of the Nancy Drew section. #2 and #47 are the main page of the site. The Sweet Valley High page is #3. Trixie Belden is #4. Notice the steep drop in visitors between Sweet Valley High and Trixie Belden. By far, the most popular vintage series represented on my site is Nancy Drew, which is no surprise. The Nancy Drew section is more heavily visited than even the main page of the site.

The stats give a good idea of the popularity of the vintage series with respect to each other. Going by the number of visits, we have:

1. Nancy Drew
2. Trixie Belden
3. Dana Girls
4. Judy Bolton
5. Beverly Gray
6. Kay Tracey
7. Vicki Barr
8. Outdoor Girls
9. Sara Gay
10. Moving Picture Girls
11. Connie Blair
12. Penny Parker
13. Shirley Flight
14. Ruth Fielding
15. Betty Gordon
16. Blythe Girls
17. Sally Baxter

I noticed right off that Cherry Ames is missing. I realized that I must not have had the tracking code on the Cherry Ames page, so I fixed that problem.

I am encouraged by how high the Outdoor Girls is on the list since I love that series, but its placement is likely because the generic name probably causes it to show up in many unrelated Google searches. The Moving Picture Girls and Sara Gay are also a bit high, and this is most likely due to unrelated searches as well. Anything with the word "gay" in it pulls in a lot of people who are not looking for a vintage series book website. In fact, I checked, and many people who visit the Sara Gay page are looking for a "gay model" or for "gay modeling."

With those thoughts in mind, the stats do provide some useful information about how popular certain series are with respect to each other, but the information is flawed due to circumstances out of my control. The one obvious conclusion is that Nancy Drew is by far the most popular series. There can be no mistake about that.

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