Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Nancy Drew Fire Dragon $1 Box PC Update

Back in January, I reported of a Fire Dragon $1 box edition that lists to Dancing Puppet on the inside instead of to Fire Dragon. Lian has also reported finding one, so we know of at least two examples. From what David Farah told me, it sounds like this one will make it into a future updated edition of his guide.

What this means is that we can no longer assume that all $1 box editions of Fire Dragon that surface are in fact first PCs. You need to ask the sellers what the Fire Dragon $1 box books list to on the inside, if that information is not given.

Over a year ago, I poked fun at all of the listings that claim that the $1 box Fire Dragon is RARE. I find extras of the Fire Dragon $1 box PC far more often than the other titles; in fact, I found one in just the last few weeks. If some of the $1 box Fire Dragon PCs list to Fire Dragon and others list to Dancing Puppet, that sheds light on why Fire Dragon seems to show up more often than the other $1 box PCs.

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stratomiker said...

There are plenty of these 'mules' around, and I'm glad people are beginning to notice them. There are a bunch listed in the Hardys guide, but they don't seem to get into the Drew guide easily.

I was with David himself on a wild Michigan bookhunt one day when I found the first 1965A Broken Locket (man on cover with revised text PC) and I just about had to hit him over the head with it to get him to pay attention. Then he was all into it.

There are a lot of other books not in that guide that I had sent to him, so maybe now that others are beginning to notice, all these years later, they'll actually get a place in the most holy of listings. He didn't like books that didn't 'fit in', but there are a lot that just don't.