Sunday, May 23, 2010

My Latest Book Finds

I visited several antique shops and a book store on Saturday. This is what I found:

I bought a tweed Cherry Ames, a tweed Nancy Drew, Nancy Drew #17 PC, Nancy Drew #34 PC, Nancy Drew #39 1st printing, Nancy Drew #54 1st printing, Nancy Drew #55 1st printing, Nancy Drew #56 2nd printing, Jerry Todd Caveman, a Kay Tracey book, a Connie Blair book, a Black Stallion book with a very nice dust jacket, and the Hardy Boys Detective Handbook in dust jacket.

In one store, I saw a complete set of Nancy Drew books in the matte editions. I cherry-picked the ones that are worth more, such as #55 and #56, and left the rest. In several stores, the Nancy Drew books were offered by multiple booths. I saw plenty of books that were priced too high for me to resell, but many of those books were priced okay for someone wanting the books for a collection. It is nice to see that the books seem to be returning to local stores.

I am now regularly checking shops that I formerly visited only occasionally. In recent years, I would usually find nothing. I am now able to find books on a regular basis. I have suspected for a while that the current trend is away from the internet and eBay and towards selling books in stores. I am not quite ready to proclaim my suspicion as fact, but my findings seem to support it.

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