Monday, May 31, 2010

Books for Sale on eBay

Since eBay has been running a promotion in which sellers can list up to 100 items for free in auctions over the holiday weekend, I decided to remove a bunch of books from my Bonanzle booth and place on eBay. I have been frustrated that my number of extra books has continued to increase because people are not buying the vast majority of the books.

I sell Dana Girls PCs and Beverly Gray books very quickly, for instance, but I have been unable to get people to buy my Outdoor Girls books with dust jackets. I have had those books since around October 2008, and I recall trying to sell them on eBay several times before I opened my Bonanzle booth out of desperation because people were not buying my books on eBay. I truly believe that eBay has placed a curse on my primary ID. Those of us who have been on the site since near the beginning are absolutely not wanted, at least not as sellers.

I put my Outdoor Girls books on eBay along with some other books that I have had for far too long. I used my secondary low feedback ID that has no DSRs, since it seems to get the exposure that my primary ID no longer gets.

Books for sale on eBay

My sales on Bonanzle are good, but some books, like the Outdoor Girls books, simply will not sell, and I would like to move them out.

I should be able to sell enough books that I can look for odd bidding patterns. I noticed an odd bidding pattern with the first lot I sold on this ID. Two of the bidders on the lot were from Michigan. It will be interesting to see whether any similar patterns occur on these lots.


brownkoalab said...

Which of the ODG series (that you have for sale) would you recommend as being the best read? I'm interested in possibly buying one or two.

Jennifer White said...

The first six books were written by Howard Garis while the rest of the books were written by Elizabeth M. Duffield Ward, who wrote the Blythe Girls series. If you've ever read the Blythe Girls books, you know that Ward had a flair for the dramatic, and her books are always very interesting. While I liked the Garis titles, I liked the Ward titles better, so I would suggest choosing books from #7 and up if you're just planning to try a couple of them.

On the other hand, trying out an early title could be better since it is closer to the beginning of the series. I count the Outdoor Girls as one of my very favorite series since I enjoyed just about every book in the series a great deal. I cannot say that for very many series.

Army Service is an interesting book since it has some very strong political statements about the Germans and the World War. The war books tend to be quite moving since the boys are away fighting the war and the girls are worried about them.

Brandi said...

Thank goodness I was able to get most of the books that I wanted. I was so scared that they would all go and I would kick myself later! Perhaps this was the push I needed to get started on the series you reccomend so highly. After winning a few, I kick myself for not buying them on Bonanzle! :)