Sunday, January 24, 2010

Nancy Drew Web Con Jan. 25-31

Jenn Fisher is hosting a Nancy Drew web con on January 25-31.

Nancy Drew Web Con Information

The web con is being done as a blog with multiple articles posted each day. The registration cost is $20.00, and participants will receive a printed booklet that will be mailed out in February.

There is no deadline to register, but if you want to enjoy the web con as it happens, you will want to register by Monday.

I submitted three articles:

Buying Books on the Internet
Nancy Drew Buying Tips
Today's Nostalgia is Different From Yesterday's

In the first article, I discuss eBay, the Advanced Book Exchange, Google Product search, and Bonanzle. I give tips for using each and explain the advantages and disadvantages of each venue.

In the second article, I give an overview of the information I have presented in my series of blog posts titled "Buyer Confusion on Nancy Drew."

In the third article, I mention which Nancy Drew formats seem to be popular among new collectors and point out how collecting is changing. This last article was in my mind for a while as an idea for a future post to this blog, and I decided to write it for the web con.

Here is a list of other articles that will appear in the web con:

Tour Around the World With Nancy Drew by Lea Fox

Nancy Drew Mystery Stories: Final Volumes 164-175 - An Interview with Patrick Whelan by Vicki Broadhurst

Serious Series Selling and Buying--46 Years of Change by Lee Temares

Drew's Clues to Creative Writing by Penny Warner

Crazy Eights with Michael G. Cornelius - The Phantom of Venice by Carolyn Keene

Nancy Drew's Awkward Age: Reconsidering Gianni Spinelli and The Phantom of Venice by Michael G. Cornelius

The Quest: Digging for Treasure in the Stratemeyer Syndicate Records by Meredith Jaffe

Frank Sofo: An Interview with One of Nancy Drew's Cover Artists by Todd H. Latoski

The Plot Thickens by Nancy Axelrad

Off the Assembly Line: The Fiction Factory of Edward Stratemeyer by Mark Connelly

The McFarlane Formula: "I opted for quality" by Mark Connelly

All About the Hardy Boys - Highlights by Tony Carpentieri

80 Mysterious Years by Janet DeVries

The Importance of Plotting by Mildred Benson, Submitted by Gil O'Gara (Yellowback Library)

Laura Ruby - Nancy Drew Image Series - Videos

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beautifulshell said...

my student budget doesn't want me to sign up, but your articles sound really interesting! the last, in particular.