Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Fire Dragon $1 Box Oddity

Back in early October, I listed an extra copy of the $1 box first PC of Nancy Drew #38 on Bonanzle. I knew that Farah's Guide lists just one printing of the $1 box PC, so I listed my book with the usual mentions of the interior and exterior lists and stated that it was the first printing picture cover with the $1 box.

I am so aware that Farah's Guide has just one printing for #1-6, 37, and 38 with the $1 boxes that I failed to notice that my book did not quite fit. A reader of this blog uses the listings of several sellers, including me, to figure out the specifics of the first printing picture covers in lieu of having a copy of Farah's Guide. Soon after I listed the book, she asked me about my listing. She had noted that I stated that my book listed to Dancing Puppet on the interior list but that she had seen other listings where the first PC listed to Fire Dragon on the interior list.

My first thought was that I had messed up the listing. I checked the listing and noted that I stated that it listed to Dancing Puppet. I then found the book, which did indeed list to Dancing Puppet on the inside. Last, I checked Farah's Guide and verified that the first PC printing of Fire Dragon lists to Fire Dragon on the inside, so I had another anomaly.

I seem to be a magnet for books that do not fit. I placed the listing on reserved status, since I like to hold onto books that are different for a while. I still have the book, and I still have the listing saved in reserve. Here is a screen cap, since only I can see it:

Click on the image to see a larger version that can be read easier.

I looked through Farah's Guide and noted that all of the first printing picture cover books with the $1 box list to Fire Dragon on the inside. The second printing picture covers of those titles have the blackened suggested retail price box and list to Dancing Puppet on the inside. My book has the $1 box and lists to Dancing Puppet, so it seems to be a composite of the $1 box and the blackened retail price box printings.

Does anyone else have a $1 box PC that lists to Dancing Puppet?


Jack C said...

How do you place an item on "reserve" on Bonanzle?

Jennifer White said...

Go to "batch edit items" in My Bonanzle. Run a filter to bring up whichever item you want to place on reserve. Once you have found the item, select it. Then near the top is a place to "set status to" and you can select "reserved." Later, you can always change the status back to "for sale" if desired. You will see a warning message about how changing an item to "sold" cannot be changed, but this does not apply to items put on reserve. They can be changed.

Jennifer White said...

In case the first person who placed a comment returns to see if a flame war has started, I do not allow comments that are made solely for the purpose of instigating a flame war. I do delete them and will continue to do so. It has been deleted, and I will continue to delete those types of comments. I appreciate your understanding.

Jenn Fisher said...

All my $1 box pcs list to only Fire Dragon inside.