Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Linda Carlton Reprints

Those who regularly read this blog know that I do not use the word "rare" lightly. The two highly elusive Linda Carlton books, Linda Carlton's Perilous Summer and Linda Carlton's Hollywood Flight are rare. Do a search on Google and just see how many copies are up for sale. There are none. Beverly Gray at the World's Fair is considered a rare book, yet it is readily available in the original edition, although at rather high prices.

World's Fair is considered rare but is available. The two Linda Carlton books are not available anywhere on the internet at any price. Which would you consider more rare?

The two rare Linda Carlton books, Linda Carlton's Perilous Summer and Linda Carlton's Hollywood Flight, have been reprinted in a limited run of 25 copies apiece, thanks to Jim Towey. I received my books today. The books are hardcover editions with dust jackets.

I have waited for years to read the Linda Carlton books. I will finally do so this year since I now have the complete set. I will continue to seek the final book that I need in the original edition, but at least now I have a reprint.

Jim said that the first print run of 25 copies is going fast. He is trying to decide whether to have additional copies printed. Therefore, if you are interested, you need to let him know. I think that many of the people who will want these books will miss out on the books while they are still available. A lot of collectors rely on eBay and never visit the different collecting groups and websites, so they are unaware of projects such as this one.

With Jim's permission, I am closing this post with his advertisement so that interested parties can inquire about these or other reprints.



Providing help to Series Collectors

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Linda Carlton Series (Rare Titles)

* Linda Carlton’s Perilous Summer , $40

* Linda Carlton ’s Hollywood Flight, $40


Wireless Patrol Series by Lewis Theiss

* Wireless Patrol- Hidden Aerial- reprint, $30

* Wireless Operator with U.S. Coast Guard -reprint ,$30

* Wireless Operator with the Oyster Fleet -reprint ,$35

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* LONE RANGER SERIES, Red Butte Trail, Trouble on Santa Fe ,$40

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- Radio Boys to the Rescue-- $30

* LEO EDWARDS- Poppy Ott- Hidden Dwarf & Monkey’s Paw--$35each

Please call/email to verify availability/reserve copies, please do not send money until reservation confirmed as this 1st reprinting limited to 25 copies. Paypal/check/MO accepted.

Payment by Check or MO payable to:

Jim Towey
249 Hartland Rd.
W. Granby, CT 06090


Amy Sisson said...

This looks like a terrific resource -- thank you! Most of what I collect doesn't really fall into the strict series, but I still love looking. (My major interest is girls career books, so the publisher series with different characters in each book, like the Messner Career Romances for Young Moderns, etc.)

I enjoy your blog. Thanks!

Paula said...

Speaking of reprints... did you see this ebay item (Number 220180187093) using the art from ND dust jackets? Is this legal?

I'm still confused about when it is legitimate to use these copyrighted items? Did Jim Towey have to get permission or pay royalties to produce the Linda Carlton reprints? Or is the copyright expired?

Jennifer White said...

As far as I know, the eBay item you mentioned is not licensed, so the seller does not have permission from Simon and Schuster. Of course anyone can profit illegally from anything so long as they are not caught.

Regarding Linda Carlton, read the comments to this post:

Some Funny "RARE" Books

James Keeline investigated and found that the copyrights for the Linda Carlton books were not renewed. That means that anybody can reprint them.

Aside from that, a family member of Edith Lavell wanted the books to be reprinted and asked me about possibilities last year. I gave her several options including Jim Towey. Jim confirmed that he reprinted the books after a family member contacted him. So, the books are in the public domain and the family wanted them reprinted.

Regarding Jim's other reprints, I am confident that he has had permission for the books that are under copyright. I know that he worked with Margaret Sutton, the Judy Bolton author, for years when he had the Judy Bolton books reprinted. I know that she received royalties for them.

One thing that you'll want to note is that the Stratemeyer Syndicate books (like Outdoor Girls, Blythe Girls, Rover Boys, Betty Gordon, etc.) are not reprinted by Jim Towey. The Stratemeyer Syndicate properties are owned by Simon and Schuster and most of them are still under copyright protection. The early titles in those series are in the public domain and are readily available online in e-text form, so there is no need to reprint the early titles.