Sunday, January 10, 2010

Another eBay Problem

Recently, I heard that a bunch of people were invited to be Top-Rated Sellers, and then eBay sent out messages that the invitations were mistakes. Needless to say, a large number of people were furious with eBay.

Back around Thanksgiving, eBay sent out messages stating that they were having a half-price sale on auction fees. A day or so later, eBay sent out another message stating that the message about the sale was in error. Really. These kinds of mistakes seem to be the norm for eBay.

Yesterday, I received a message from eBay that included the phrase "important information" in the title. I sighed, wondering what was coming now. With eBay, I knew it wasn't good. I was afraid that eBay might try to put another alert on my account for no reason or that eBay was going to tell me that I was a very bad seller just because. This is what my message stated.
Earlier today we emailed your eBay Bucks certificate that you earned last period. Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties, your eBay Bucks certificate was not activated in our system and will not work. In order to correct the problem, we will be sending you a replacement certificate in the next 48-72 hours. The certificate will be good for 31 days from the re-issue date. The issue impacted a small number of users and we apologize for this inconvenience.
Um, how do they manage not to activate a small number of certificates? Why do they make so many mistakes? I thought that generating the certificates would have been done by computer like everything nowadays, and how would a few not get activated? Are we sure that it is just a few? Hmm?

The one thing eBay has done right in the last year, in my opinion, is to create the eBay Bucks program so that invited buyers can get 2% back as a reward certificate. It figures that eBay would find a way to mess it up. I have not received my new certificate, and I have an auction that I won that I would like to pay for in part with my certificate. I will wait until tomorrow so that hopefully I will have my new certificate by then. It can be eBay's fault when buyers wait a day or so to pay.


Jack C said...

I don't even try to sell on Ebay anymore- Way too complicated!!

Jennifer White said...

So eBay didn't bother to make it obvious when my certificate was changed to a valid one. I checked my email, and my original certificate expired on 2/8/10. My eBay account had my certificate with an expiration of 2/11/10. This told me that it had been changed. I then paid for my auction. I could have been waiting for a couple of days and making my seller wait if I had not chosen to investigate. Way to go, eBay!

Lian said...

I also received the same email about the certificate. Anyone else?

Jennifer White said...

I just received this message, one day after I used my new certificate:

On Saturday you received the eBay Bucks certificate you earned during the last Earn Period. Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties, your eBay Bucks certificate was not activated in our system and will not work. The issue impacted a small number of people and we apologize for this inconvenience.

We've issued a new eBay Bucks certificate to you, which is available for use now. It will be automatically applied when you check out within eBay's checkout system. If it isn't automatically applied, enter your code in the redemption code box on the PayPal payment page. The certificate will be valid until 11:59 PM PT on February 11, 2010.

Shouldn't I have received the message at the time my certificate was fixed and not the next day?