Monday, February 9, 2009

Where Is My Book? Part 3

My seller has now been suspended from eBay, and all of his current listings have been removed. He is no longer a registered user, and his completed listings have also been removed. This means that the old listings are no longer in eBay's database at all. I have never understood why eBay erases the listings completely. They have stated that erasing the listings makes the process easier.

I received a series of messages today stating that the listing had been removed along with the usual suggestions about what to do. When I first saw the messages, I thought for a moment that they were scam messages trying to get me to click on a link that would give me a virus. I did open the first message after considering for a moment and knew that the message was real when I saw the seller's name.

Since I did not receive the book today, I filed a PayPal claim and escalated it. I know it will be found in my favor as is standard when the seller is kicked off eBay. This does not necessarily mean that my $8.00 is recoverable. I will not know until PayPal closes the claim.

I am still holding out a very small amount of hope that the book might show up in the next day or so. The chances are quite slim, though. At least eBay acted pretty quickly in kicking this seller off the site. The seller probably had far more complaints than what were apparent by his feedback. Feedback should never be the first resort, so quite a few of his buyers had likely already filed claims but had not left feedback.

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Anonymous said...

I'm thinking and hoping you still might get the book also, if recent positive feedback was for items sold around the date of your purchase. My fingers are crossed for you!