Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Some eBay Message Board Funnies

Many people are still complaining about eBay's message boards. I'm getting used to them, but the pages do load slower, especially with Internet Explorer. Fortunately, the load time is okay with Firefox, which is what I use.

Some of the complaints are quite humorous, and some of the users' methods of manipulating eBay's new features is hilarious. The new boards truncate the user names so that longer names are cut off on the boards. This has caused some non-profane user IDs to appear to be profane as displayed. Some people are now registering new seemingly innocuous IDs that will display in a profane fashion. Here is one example in which someone suggested what would happen with a name change:

This is the result:

Additionally, a number of people hate the display of the avatars on the message boards, so they have decided to be creative. After all, eBay provides the opportunity, so why not show their support?

This person posted a message about using the avatar to show contempt:

The image was created by taking a photograph of eBay's CEO John Donohoe, tinting it orange to match the default avatar image, and decorating with an interesting hat. This person's post to the message board appears to have been removed, no doubt because eBay did not appreciate it. I find it rather funny.

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