Thursday, October 9, 2008

Site Statistics

I like to look at the site statistics for my site,, because I like to see which pages are of the most interest to site visitors. I signed up for a Google Analytics account at the start of February, so this data goes back to the first week in February. The pages are ranked from most hits to least hits. #1 and #28 both refer to the main page for the site. #27 is the file manager, which is only accessible to me. #2 is the main page of the Sweet Valley High section. It should be fairly easy to determine the pages to which most of the names refer. Here are the results:

The main page is just narrowly the most popular page, followed by the main page of the Sweet Valley High section and the main page of the Nancy Drew section. I never expected the Sweet Valley High section to be so popular. I am certain that most visitors to the Sweet Valley High section do not visit the rest of the site and that most of the rest of the site's visitors have little interest in the Sweet Valley High section. It is unusual for a subsection that does not appeal to most of the site's visitors to be more popular than the rest of the site.

It is apparent that Nancy Drew is by far the most popular of the vintage girls' series books. Trixie Belden is in second place but is far behind. The least popular pages are the pages for Dan Carter, Flash Evans, and some of Mildred Wirt Benson's other minor works.

I notice that the Betty Gordon section is receiving more hits than the Ruth Fielding section by a small margin. This interests me because I believe more people collect the Ruth Fielding books, and more people have voted for Ruth Fielding in the poll which is listed on the right side of this blog. I have some theories about Ruth Fielding and Betty Gordon, but I will save those for a later date, most likely after my poll closes.

I also notice that a few pages are missing from the list, so I still need to add the tracking code to the ones I missed back in February.

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