Friday, October 31, 2008

More Nancy Drew Printing Anomalies

I have two more interesting printing anomalies which I have had for a long time. These two books are examples of printing errors; something went wrong when the books were printed. Here is a PC of The Mystery at the Ski Jump in which Nancy's sweater and the man's hat are orange instead of red:

I have seen other examples in which the sweater and hat look more orange than red, but the above example is the most extreme case that I have seen.

Here is a PC of The Secret of the Old Clock in which the different colors used on the outside of the book were printed on the book out of alignment with each other:

When I bought it, the seller advertised it as a 3-D book and enclosed a pair of 3-D glasses. The seller was right. The illustration is 3-D! It even looks kind of 3-D even without the special glasses.

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Jack C said...

Hi Jenn-

Thanks for sharing the info re: ND anomolies... Cool stuff!

Not sure if you read my response to you regarding the library bindings over on the NDSleuths page, but I asked you about the lavendar ND library bindings you were speaking of. I went on line and looked at your web site, but didn't see any lavendar library bindings.
Help me out here... What are the lavendar library bindings you were speaking of? I was also curious about how to find 57-175 in hardbacks. Wasn't sure if there was a search you used on Ebay that received some results. I am currently finding nothing on EBAy in regards to library hardbacks for 57-175.