Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Kit Hunter #3 Rival Riders

After several weeks in which I did not read at all, I have now resumed reading the third book in the Kit Hunter series, Kit Hunter, Show Jumper, in Rival Riders. Here is an amusing scene from page 50:
Françoise Dubois, having now received the homage of the officials rather than paid her respects to them, took deliberate stock of the rest of the company. She coldly scrutinised everyone thoroughly with unabashed disdain, as if deciding whom she would honour with her presence. Her arrogant gaze lingered on Kit for a few seconds as she inspected her from head to toe.

Kit could not resist turning round slowly like a model gracefully displaying every feature of a gown for the benefit of a wealthy customer. Françoise was quick to get the point, and Kit had the satisfaction of seeing the girl's expression change abruptly from one of lofty condescension to a self-conscious irritation, and one or two people tittered . . .
I have really enjoyed this book. Once Kit competes against Françoise for the first time—and wins, Françoise becomes a bitter rival. At one point Françoise causes Kit to have a serious accident that places her in the hospital for a couple of weeks. Kit finds an unexpected ally in Françoise's escort, Pierre Latour, who helps Kit after her accident.

I always enjoy books which have a mean, bitter rival who is seething with hatred, and I love seeing the rival get what is richly deserved. I haven't gotten that far yet, but I'm sure Françoise will get what is coming to her.

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