Monday, October 20, 2008

Betty Gordon Prices

I decided to look at what I paid for each of my Betty Gordon books, which are pictured in my previous post. Some of the prices were kept down by buying books that were part of larger lots. Large lots of books are always the way to go if a collector wishes to keep costs down and does not mind having to sell the extras.

I rounded the prices to the nearest dollar.

#1 Bramble Farm - $15
#2 Washington - $9
#3 Land of Oil - $15
#4 Boarding School - $25
#5 Mountain Camp - $6
#6 Ocean Park - $15
#7 School Chums - ?
#8 Rainbow Ranch - $5
#9 Mexican Wilds - ?
#10 Lost Pearls - $32
#11 Campus - $27
#12 Hale Twins - $28
#13 Mystery Farm - $22
#14 No-Trail Island - $46
#15 Mystery Girl - $40

I do not have record of what I paid for School Chums and Mexican Wilds, but my cost for each would most likely have been under $15 each.

#12, 13, and 14 are the hardest titles to find. I consider #14 to be the very hardest title to find. It was the title that was elusive for me, and I was pleased when I won an auction and paid only $46. I was prepared to pay quite a bit more, but the other bidders did not bid very high. The low demand for this series keeps the prices down. I sold an extra of #15 earlier this year for around $70, so it sometimes sells for higher amounts even though it is easier to find than the previous three titles.

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