Sunday, March 28, 2021

March 2021 Selling Update #4

I have listed more books on eBay and Etsy.  It should be quite obvious by now that I am primarily listing books that have come from my actual personal collection.  My goal is to reduce my collection by at least 750 books.

I don't have all of my books catalogued on Library Thing, but going by what I have there and what I know isn't catalogued, my collection consists of at least 6,500 books.  It might be a bit higher.  In addition to the approximately 6,500 books are at least another 2,000 other books that are extras or are unrelated to my series collection.  There might be more than 2,000 other books, since I tend to underestimate.  So all told, I might have around 10,000 books in my house.  I really don't know, but I want there to be fewer of them.  

I like all of my books, but I am selling books that fit at least one of these criteria.  

  1. The book has pulp paper and is not exceedingly important to me for any reason.  I won't sell my first printing Nancy Drew books with pulp paper (#20 through 25) under any circumstance.  However, I will sell books like the Penny Nichols books which have pulp paper and also fit my second criterion.

  2. The book can be downloaded via an online file and, as above, is not exceedingly important to me for any reason.

  3. I just don't really care about the book anymore.  These books are some of the books that have been double-shelved behind other books.  I might not have seen them in years.  Why do I continue to keep them?

As a result of #2, I am selling some partial sets.  I am selling my Ruth Fielding books that are available online and am keeping the ones that are not yet in the public domain.  Some other sets are also being broken up for the same reason.

I did decide last night that I would sell my Nancy Drew books with Dana Girls endpapers since the books have pulp paper.  I only have around four of them.  I've never tried hard to get them, and the ones I have found have not been very nice.  They will be listed sometime in the coming weeks.

I am also probably going to sell my Ken Holt set.  I like the Ken Holt books, but not anywhere near as much as most Ken Holt fans.  If I do want to read the books again, I now have PDF files saved to the cloud.  The Ken Holt set is not public domain, but all of the texts are online and pretty easy to find.  I won't link to where they are, but you can find the PDF files without too much trouble.  

The reason I want to reduce my collection somewhat is so that I can get some stuff out of drawers.  This next image shows what I see when I open one of my drawers.  Yes, a lot of stuff is underneath, and it's not trash.

 This is part of a shelf in an armoire.  

You might wonder what the stuff in the stack is.  Here is some of it.

I need to get this stuff more easily accessible, and I'd like for some of it to be out in plain sight.  I hope by June that the book situation will be more under control so that I can get my possessions in better order.

Jennifer's Series Books on eBay

This weekend I listed British, Dutch, Swedish, and Norwegian Trixie Belden books on eBay.

Jennifer's Series Books on Etsy

On Etsy, I listed German Trixie Belden books and square Trixie Belden paperbacks.  I also listed French and Hebrew Nancy Drew books. 

For now, I will be listing all Nancy Drew books on Etsy.  eBay is suppressing me in Best Match and will continue to do so until I meet the required time open, sales, and feedback to fulfill the algorithm.  I'm fine on eBay with all other series, but Nancy Drew searches return so many results that I will not be seen by most buyers until Best Match favors me again.

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