Monday, April 12, 2021

Windswept #17 Mirror, Mirror and #33 Weekend of Fear by Virginia Nielsen

Vintage series book fans probably ignore these posts about vintage teen books.  However, some of the mystery teen books could appeal to those fans.  The second book reviewed here, Weekend of Fear, is one of those books.

I abandoned reading the Windswept series quite awhile back, but I found that I prepared two review posts that I never published.  This is the first of those posts.

Windswept #17 Mirror, Mirror, Virginia Neilsen, 1983

Gilly and Gerry are identical twins, separated at birth.  They meet for the first time when they're sixteen and find that they're so alike, even their boyfriends can't tell them apart!

Then Gilly visits Gerry's home, and when the vacation is over, Gerry convinces Gilly to switch places secretly.  It's fun at first, but soon strange accidents begin, and Gilly receives frightening phone calls meant for Gerry.  More confusing, Gilly is falling in love with Gerry's boyfriend.  

Is Gerry in some kind of trouble?  Why didn't she tell Gilly?  And why did she set Gilly up to be in such terrible danger?

This book starts off with a good hook.  Identical twins who have just met for the first time is compelling.  As the story progresses, it gradually because more and more suspenseful.  Since Gilly and Gerry have changed places, Gilly ends up in grave danger because of the danger that Gerry is in.

This is a very good book.

Windswept #33 Weekend of Fear, Virginia Nielsen, 1984

When the school loner, Brick, falls heir to a fortune of jewels, his life is threatened.  He asks Jacey to hide the jewels for him until he can get them into a bank after the weekend.  Then he disappears.

But with Brick out of the way, Jacey is now the target of unwanted attention.  And in a department store, normally bustling with hopping crowds and clerks, Jacey finds herself alone, in the dark, facing a killer.

The book starts off a little slow, but it quickly picks up in intensity once the department store closes for the weekend.  Jacey spends the entire weekend (and most of the book) inside a dark, closed department store being stalked by someone who knows that she has the jewels and is determined to get them.

The book also has a twist which I wasn't expecting.
This is an extremely tense, suspenseful book.  It is excellent.

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