Saturday, March 6, 2021

March 2021 Selling Update #2

I still plan to reopen my eBay and Etsy stores either on the evening of March 12 or on March 13.  Whether I do it on March 12 depends upon how I feel that evening.

I have not been well this past week.  I had to work late on Tuesday, which is no doubt part of the reason why I felt quite ill (deep fatigue) in the afternoon and evening on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  If that should happen this coming Friday, then I will wait until Saturday, March 13 to open the stores back up.

I have concluded that the first dose of the Moderna vaccine that I received on February 22 caused a significant disruption to my endocrine system.  I stated previously that I thought that the vaccine had caused a mild to moderate autoimmune flare.  The flare was at least moderate and perhaps a strong flare.  The deep fatigue that I have begun to feel is a delayed reaction to that flare.  How I feel at any given time is a reflection of what my thyroid hormone levels were 10 to 14 days ago.  This actually means that the symptoms from the flare may not have bottomed out yet.  I was vaccinated 12 days ago.

My endocrine system might have already recovered, but I might not feel that recovery for another week.  I will get the second Moderna dose in around 2 1/2 weeks, the exact date to be determined.  That will cause another disruption to my endocrine system.  The next six to eight weeks won't be easy.

Even with the reaction, the vaccine is well worth it.  I am happy that my body should be now approaching 50% immunity to the virus. 

I mention my situation so that you know that I have very good reasons for keeping to a specific plan and not selling before I am ready.  I find it odd that I was left alone all the months I was closed until I finally gave a specific date.  Within a couple of days of mentioning March 13, more than one person tried to get me to sell a book before that date on eBay.  One person has now tried twice.  I continue to decline, giving the date of March 13.  I am not going to budge.  I advocate for myself, and I will not give in.

I am working on preparing both stores for reopening.  I have been working on Etsy listings in recent days when I have felt well enough to do so.  I have added blue tweed Nancy Drew books as well as dust jacketed and picture cover Dana Girls books.  I now have over 150 inactive and draft listings on Etsy.  These books are the ones that have been listed.

I next will work on Trixie Belden and the Three Investigators.  The books in the next two photos are books that I have gathered to list on Etsy.

Probably all of them will get listed.  However, I sometimes will notice a significant flaw to a book as I prepare the listing.  When that happens, the book gets set aside and is not listed.  

If you would like to be notified of when I have new listings, you can follow my stores on eBay and Etsy.  Both sites have a heart pictured somewhere near the top.  On eBay, it says "save this seller" after the heart.  On Etsy, it says "favorite shop" after the heart.

Jennifer's Series Books on Etsy

I will update again as I continue this process.

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