Thursday, March 19, 2020

Sweet Dreams #45 Dream Prom and #46 On Thin Ice

Sweet Dreams #45 Dream Prom, Margaret Burman, 1983

When Molly Knight reads her birthday card from Duncan Grover at her Sweet Sixteen party, she knows that he's the boy for her.  But then Duncan's best friend, Matt, asks her to Landon High's senior prom—the kind of formal dress-up prom she's always dreamed of going to.  What should Molly do?  If she turns down Matt, she might not get to go to the prom at all.  And even though she likes Duncan more than any other boy in the word, she knows that the dark cloud of his past could cause problems for them both.

Will Molly's prom dream ever come true?

Let's see if you can follow my recap of this book better than I can.  Each time I have proofread the below recap, I have gotten confused.  Three characters have names that start with the letter "M."

Here goes...

The characters are a bunch of dysfunctional losers.  Molly likes Duncan, but Matt asks her to the prom.  Maria, Molly's best friend, is very upset that Molly might turn Matt down.  The reason that Maria is upset is because Maria likes Matt.  It seems like she would want Molly to turn Matt down so that Matt could go with her.

Duncan is failing English and refuses help from anyone.  Duncan won't be able to go to the prom if he fails.  He continues to refuse help even after Molly confronts him.

Molly finally tells Matt that she can't go to the prom with him.  By this point, Matt has decided that he likes Maria.  However, Matt refuses to accept Molly's decision, because a promise is sacred.  Matt insists that he will go to the prom with Molly even though he likes Maria. 


I read some of the book, then I skimmed it.  These people are idiots.

Sweet Dreams #46 On Thin Ice, Jocelyn Saal, 1983

For sixteen years, Ellen has played second fiddle to her beautiful, talented sister, Paula, the skating star.  But Ellen has her own interests and goals, so Paula's glory has never bothered her—until now.  And it's all because of Gene.

Gene is Paula's ice-skating partner, an Olympic champion, and part of the glamorous world that Ellen has only observed.  Ellen dreams of Gene's attention, but he and Paula are a prize-winning team.  Everyone says they skate as if they were made for each other.  Can Ellen hope to win Gene's love, or will she continue to watch him from the sidelines?

I did not make any notes about this book.  As I recall, I only read some of it and then quit.

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