Sunday, March 15, 2020

Sweet Dreams #43 Tender Loving Care and #44 Long Distance Love

Sweet Dreams #43 Tender Loving Care, Anne Park 1983

Juliet resents Neil from the moment she sees him.  He's just another runaway her social worker mother has taken in.  But there's not much Juliet can do.  First he moves into their spare room, then he enrolls at Juliet's high school!

At first, Juliet's determined to keep Neil out of her life.  But the harder she tries to stay angry with him, the more she finds herself attracted to him.  Then Neil asks her for a date and she accepts... but she's scared.  Is it safe to love him?  Or will he run away again, just when Juliet has opened up her heart?

Admittedly, I skimmed small amounts of the book, so I might have missed something.  Nevertheless, I don't recall Juliet being concerned about Neil leaving.  I was concerned, but she doesn't seem to be.  Juliet just resents her mother for paying more attention to Neil than to her, which is why Juliet is reluctant to get close to him.  These summaries often twist things around.

I did not enjoy the way some scenes with Neil are done.  That aside, the book is overall very good.

Sweet Dreams #44, Long Distance Love, Jesse DuKore, 1983

Will absence make the heart grow fonder... or will it be a case of "Out of sight, out of mind"?  Pamela Gray worries that her boyfriend Bobby will forget all about her when she leaves for her new boarding school, hundreds of miles from home.  On the one hand, she's happy and excited at the thought of all the new experiences awaiting her at school.  On the other, she's afraid that Bobby's love won't withstand a long separation.

As for Pam herself, she's sure that no one else could possibly take Bobby's place in her heart—at least, no one she's met so far...

The summary does correctly reveal that Pam will be the problem in the relationship.  I don't like Pam's flippant behavior towards Bobby in this book, and I don't like Pam at all.

I read part of the book, then skimmed the rest.  I do not like this book.

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