Saturday, March 7, 2020

Sweet Dreams #41 The Truth about Me and Bobby V. and #42 The Perfect Match

Sweet Dreams #41 The Truth about Me and Bobby V., Janetta Johns, 1983

Candy's finally in the right crowd.  But there's a problem—she's the only one without a boyfriend.  So she invents one, to stay popular with her new friends.

But Candy's lie backfires when the gang wants her to bring her beau to a dance.  Where can she borrow a boy for the evening?  Does she dare ask Jonathan, her handsome volleyball coach, to help her out?  What about her brother's wild friend, Flip?  Candy has to come up with a plan—quickly.

This book is about an African American girl who has to adjust to a new school.  Her best friend is Bobby V.—a girl— from her old school.  Candy's new friends mistakenly believe that Bobby V. is her boyfriend, and Candy doesn't correct them.

Candy gets more than she bargains for when she manipulates her brother's friend, Flip, into pretending to be her boyfriend.  Flip is a jerk, and he decides that he likes Candy.  He tries to keep the relationship going, much to Candy's horror.

On page 115, Flip declares that he made a "jackass" out of a police officer.  Use of "jackass" or even "ass" is quite unusual for modern books, because for some reason, both words are considered more significant cuss words than they once were.  Both words are seen as more significant cuss words than "damn" or "hell," which also don't tend to show up in these books.  In the old series books of 100 years ago, "ass" and "jackass" do show up at times.

This is an excellent book.

Sweet Dreams #42  The Perfect Match, Marian Woodruff, 1983

Alexis Randall's the new matchmaker in the school.  In fact, her computer matchmaking service guarantees a dream date.  Alexis even feeds her own name into the computer.  And soon she's in love.  Tom is everything she has ever wanted in a boyfriend.

But when kids start complaining, and her own romance goes sour, Alexis begins to have doubts.  Maybe there's more to love than a perfect match.

No, just no.  I read the beginning of the book, then I quit.  I'm not interested in matchmaking.  The story also didn't seem that interesting to me.

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