Friday, November 22, 2019

The Blue Shadow Mystery by Josephine Chase

In The Blue Shadow Mystery, Ann Porter arrives in Philadelphia six months after her father’s death.  Ann hopes to get help from her uncle.  Ann is shocked to learn that her uncle has passed away, leaving his entire estate to his housekeeper.

Ann left her possessions at the Y.W.C.A. while on her errand.  The Y.W.C.A. burns, leaving Ann with nothing!  A kind woman directs Ann to a boarding house, where Ann gets a room. A blue shadow is seen in an upstairs window at night, and Ann suspects that something sinister is at play.

Ann is 18 years old.

This book starts off very good and is quite engaging during the early chapters.  The story weakens once Ann arrives at the boarding house.  The book has too many characters which are introduced too quickly.  This almost always loses me.  I plunged ahead, even though I had already forgotten who some of them are.  As the story progresses further, the tone changes, and I lost interest.  I did not read the ending of the story.  I didn’t care by that point.

This book disappointed me.  It starts off so promising and then falls apart.

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