Saturday, November 30, 2019

Promotional Items from the 2007 Nancy Drew Movie with Emma Roberts

I have made some nice recent purchases of promotional items and memorabilia associated with the Nancy Drew 2019 movie, Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase, and the 2019 Nancy Drew television show from The CW.  I will write up a post on those items once all of them have arrived.  Meanwhile, my recent purchases made me think of the 2007 movie with Emma Roberts.

In 2007, I was able to purchase a number of promotional items associated with the Emma Roberts movie.  I keep all of them in the bag seen in the next photo.

The bag was available for purchase at Barnes and Noble along with the items seen in the next photo.  Obviously, I purchased duplicates.

This next photo shows a small clutch, the press kit, the Emma Roberts cover of Nancy Drew's Guide to Life, and a metal tin that contains the Emma Roberts cover of Nancy Drew's Guide to Life.  Notice that the book in the tin has a magnifying glass attached, while the other one does not.

This last photo shows a Nancy Drew activity book, a sticker designed to be put on an iPod, a bookmark, three compacts, three pens/markers, a little spiral notebook, and a clue ball.

Sadly, the clue ball is leaking.  Fortunately, the plastic bag caught the fluid, and I now have the clue ball enclosed in a Ziploc bag.

I was disappointed that the clue ball is no longer functional.  I wanted to ask it who killed Lucy Sable.  What a shame.

There were also some other items associated with the Emma Roberts movie that I have not shown here.  I limited this post to what I keep in the bag, which is primarily the promotional items.

I will show off my swag for the 2019 productions once I have it all in hand.

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Pet said...

But for you, Jennifer, I wouldn't know that there was a 2019 movie or a television series. But I loved the 2007 film with Emma Roberts. Most of those promotional items are really cool. (The leaking clue ball maybe not so much.)