Monday, November 18, 2019

Behind the Purple Mask by Josephine Chase

As I mentioned previously, Behind the Purple Mask is a very difficult book to acquire.  This is unfortunate, because it is possibly the best book in the set.

This book was probably not written by Josephine Chase since she died a year before it was published.

In Behind the Purple Mask, Gay Larimore has been hired as elderly Mrs. Simpson’s companion.  Mrs. Simpson is demanding and unpleasant, but Gay soon learns that Mrs. Simpson is cranky because of her selfish son and daughter-in-law.

A prowler who wears a purple mask roams the house at night, and attempts are made on Mrs. Simpson’s life.  Gay tracks down several leads that she hopes will lead her to the identity of the man in the purple mask.

Gay has recently graduated from college, so she is probably in her early twenties.

The author used misdirection to cast suspicion on several characters.  I always enjoy mysteries the best when the solution is not blindingly obvious.  Overall, the mystery works out just as I anticipated, but a few plot points were at least somewhat unexpected.

This is an excellent book.

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