Thursday, August 8, 2019

Dana Girls #4 A Three-Cornered Mystery

In Dana Girls #4, A Three-Cornered Mystery, Jean and Louise are invited to spend the weekend with Edith Darrow, their new friend.  The girls chance to find some papers hidden in the barn, and the papers belong to Ed Carillo, a man wanted for stealing from his employer.  Jean and Louise spend the night in the barn hoping that Carillo will show up to claim the papers.

While the Danas are in the barn, an injured man shows up, and the Darrows disappear!  Jean and Louise wonder what happened to Edith as they try to follow Carillo's track.

The book is titled A Three-Cornered Mystery because of three locations with "corner" in the name.  Two towns are named Rocky Corner and Spring Corner, and the culprit is found to be staying at the Three Corners Apartments.

The Danas drive to New York City.  They leave their home in Oak Falls in the morning and reach a city 100 miles from New York City in the afternoon of the same day.  On page 161, "They were swept up in the stream of New Jersey traffic, crossed the Hudson River, and finally found themselves in the roar and bustle of Manhattan."  The Danas live fairly close to New York City and are to the west or south of the city.  I like the idea of the Danas living in Virginia.

This is an excellent book.

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