Tuesday, August 6, 2019

2019 Nancy Drew Coloring Book by Mika Ingerman

Nancy Drew fan Mika Ingerman has created a coloring book based on classic Nancy Drew illustrations.  This coloring book was published under the licensing agreement between Simon and Schuster and the Nancy Drew Sleuths. 

The coloring book is softcover with a spiral binding. 

Since the coloring book is being printed through limited print runs, it has to be preordered.  The first printing shipped out recently, and those of us who preordered the first printing received the coloring book in the last few days or will soon receive it.  The second printing will be ready in the middle of September.  Fans are often reluctant to preorder items like this, but that is the only way items like this can be made available. 

The coloring book can be ordered via the Sleuth Shop at the Nancy Drew Sleuths website.

I wrote this post so that those of you who are not on Facebook or are not in the Facebook groups know about the existence of this new coloring book.  Please note that the Sleuth Shop is run by Jennifer Fisher of the Nancy Drew Sleuths and that she and I are not the same person.  My name is Jennifer White.  If you need more information about the coloring book, contact Jennifer Fisher through her website.


Albert Alioto said...

Jennifer -- The images you posted from the coloring book prompt me to ask: I have seen a drawing of what I believe is supposed to be Nancy Drew being captured by what appear to be three teenage thugs. One has his arm around her neck and he is dragging her through a doorway into a house where the other two are waiting. A car --a police car? -- is seen in the distance.
I am sure this was not a Russell Tandy work. If it is from one of the first sixty-four stories, I would assume it is from one of the later ones. Does this ring a bell with you? Do you know if it appears in one of the novels, and if so, which one? Thanks, and thanks always for a fascinating website. Albert Alioto

Jennifer White said...

Check out the illustrations in The Clue of the Black Keys. One of them is similar to what you mentioned.

Albert Alioto said...

Thank you always, Jennifer. I have read the 1951 edition of THE CLUE OF THE BLACK KEYS. It must be in the 1968 revision. It is very much in the style of the illustrations from the coloring book shown in your post. I find it interesting because it seems to be a matter of Nancy facing juvenile delinquents. Not what one usually thinks of. Thanks again. Albert

Albert Alioto said...

So now I have seen what the illustration actually represents. It is not Nancy vs. juvenile delinquents. They would have been a poor match for her. Just like every criminal who ever went up against her.