Friday, September 7, 2018

Trixie Belden #13 Mystery on Cobbett's Island and #14 Mystery of the Emeralds

In Trixie Belden #13, The Mystery on Cobbett's Island, the Bob-Whites stay on Cobbett's Island in a home rented by the Wheelers.  Trixie finds an old letter in a book, and the letter indicates that following the directions in a sailing game will lead to some money that has been hidden on the island.  Trixie unearths several clues which reveal who the rightful owner of the money is, and that person could well use it.  The Bob-Whites hope that they can find the money and bring happiness to others.

On page 57, Honey breaks one of the rules of the club by mentioning it to a stranger.  Really?  The Bob-Whites wear matching jackets, and besides, they have been pretty open about the club in previous books.  It's hardly a secret.

Dan is missing from this book.

This is a very good book, although I did not enjoy it as much as I once did.  The sailing information bored me on this reading.

In Trixie Belden #14, The Mystery of the Emeralds, Trixie discovers a hidden room in the attic at Crabapple Farm.  In an article of clothing, she discovers a letter.  Some excellent sleuthing leads to an elderly woman who lets Trixie and Honey read some diaries.  The girls discover that the letter is a clue to hidden emeralds on an estate near Williamsburg.  Fortunately, the Bob-Whites are able to travel with the Lynches to Williamsburg so that they can pursue the quest.

Dan is mentioned, but he is not in this book.

This story holds up quite well.  On this reading, I found it to be excellent and enjoyed it from start to finish.

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