Saturday, September 15, 2018

Creating a Bulk Lot + More Books Listed

I generally obtain the Nancy Drew picture cover books I sell from various lots of books that I purchase online.  I end up with way too many extras of some books, as can be seen in this picture.

At the moment, I have more copies of The Moonstone Castle Mystery than any other title.  Several other titles are not far behind in quantity.  I use bulk lots to rid myself of some of those multiple extras.  I also use the bulk lots to dispose of books that are in particularly bad shape or that are not books that I wish to try to sell individually.  Any extra flashlight editions or matte books with double oval endpapers always go into the bulk lots.

When I select books for the bulk lots, I tend to select ones that might be somewhat less desirable than my other extras.  Sometimes I will pick books that have more writing inside or that have split bindings.  For The Moonstone Castle Mystery, I selected my two extras that have the yellow band at the top of the front cover.  I seem to have more trouble selling copies with the yellow band than ones that do not have it.

I spent at least 30 minutes today gathering books for two bulk lots that I listed on eBay.  These are the books that were culled for the bulk lots.

Sometimes the bulk lots sell quickly, but often, the lots take at least a couple of months to sell.  The right person has to come along, and that takes time.

I also moved some of my boys' books from Etsy to eBay.  I find that I have more luck selling girls' series books on Etsy than I do boys' series books.  I'm not sure whether that means that more women follow my listings or whether more women use Etsy.  I suspect the latter, since boys' series books sell fine for me on eBay.

The Golden Boys books are the ones that I moved to eBay.  I replaced them with Dana Girls books from the white spine picture cover series.  The Golden Boys books still had close to two months left in the listing duration, and I did not wish to lose that portion, so I turned them into Dana Girls listings.  This means that someone who had faved one of my Golden Boys books now has a Dana Girls book in their favorite items list.

I also listed the remainder of the Dana Girls books as new listings on Etsy.  To see all of the white spine Dana Girls books, go to the Dana Girls picture covers category and scroll down, since some are listed lower on the page due to their conversion from the Golden Boys listings.

I also listed several of my Augusta Seaman books on eBay.  The books are good, but they are ones that I will not likely ever want to read again, so I want to give someone else a chance to read them.  Also, I am always short on shelf space.

Jennifer's Series Books on eBay

Jennifer's Series Books on Etsy

By the way, the Golden Boys series is quite good.  If you are someone who likes the boys' books of the 1920s and 1930s, then you will enjoy the Golden Boys series.

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Cinque_is_an_idiot said...

Have you tried putting them up on paperback swap? I've found that's a good way to unload duplicates.