Friday, September 22, 2017

Virginia's Venture

In Virginia's Venture, Virginia's Aunt Martha may lose their family home.  Aunt Martha's deceased husband owed a large sum of money to Mr. Rand, who has come to collect on the debt.  He gives Aunt Martha a short amount of time to raise the money.

The family home is on a highway, and Virginia decides to open a tea room.  Virginia gets her friends and Aunt Martha as well as Aunt Martha's cook and handyman to help her, and soon the tea room is opened.  Profits are not great, and Mr. Rand continues to harass Aunt Martha.

This book is pretty good, but it is not as compelling as most of the other books in the series.

I overall greatly enjoyed the May Hollis Barton Books for Girls.  Unfortunately, the books are scarce and hard to find at decent prices and in decent condition.  I was fortunate that I was able to build the set in a short amount of time from online listings, but I had to settle for some poor condition books and had to purchase some expensive copies.

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