Monday, September 25, 2017

Mystery on Echo Ridge and Mystery Back of the Mountain by Mary C. Jane

In Mystery on Echo Ridge, David, his sister, Barby, and his friend, Jonny, live near Echo Ridge, upon which stands the old Lampier house.  Mrs. Lampier moved away because of a scandal involving her late husband, who may have stolen a large sum of money.

Now Mrs. Lampier is back, and Jonny fears that his family will be forced to move away.  Some people believed Jonny's father was responsible for the theft, and Mrs. Lampier's presence may cause those feelings to resurface.  The children begin a search for the missing money in hope of clearing Jonny's father of suspicion.

This book has great atmosphere and is interesting from the very first page.  This is an excellent story.

In Mystery Back of the Mountain,  Anne and Steve's family inherits a farm.  Anne and Steve hope to live there, but their parents plan to sell the property.  The children's Uncle James was hated by many because he kept land that belonged to others, and the family soon realizes that they are unwelcome.  Strange events occur on the back of the mountain, and the children hope that they can solve the mystery and find a way to get on better terms with the neighbors.

This is a very good book.

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