Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Hardy Boys #137 High-Speed Showdown, #138 Alaskan Adventure, and #139 Snow Leopard

In Hardy Boys #137, High-Speed Showdown, Gerald Magnussen is in charge of the Northeast Nationals boat races.  He asks Frank and Joe to help him figure out who is sabotaging the event.

This is another sabotage book that is boring.  The sabotage does not affect the Hardys.  They are simply at the event, asking everyone questions and watching other people get sabotaged. 

The story is okay, but it's another variation of the typical boring sabotage book.  If it were the first sabotage book I had ever read, I might have liked it a lot.  Since I've read a variation of this story many times, this one was not very interesting.  I skimmed parts of this book and doubt I would ever read it again.

I did not enjoy this book.

In Hardy Boys #138, The Alaskan Adventure, Frank and Joe visit their new friend, David, in a remote village in Alaska.  David is set to compete in the Iditarod in a few days, and the Hardys plan to watch the beginning of the race.  Meanwhile, a company wants to turn David's village into a tourist destination.  The plans have divided the town, and some residents have fallen victim to acts of mischief.

This is an excellent story from the very first page.  The village is remote and isolated, which adds to the suspense.

This book is excellent all the way through.

In Hardy Boys #139, The Search for the Snow Leopard, a snow leopard is stolen from the Bayport Zoo.  Frank and Joe look for it.

It's funny when the title of a book successfully summarizes the entire story.

The primary culprit is quite predictable.  A man who collects and hunts rare animals is introduced early in the story, so I knew he had to be involved.

Despite the predictability of the overall plot, the last part of the story takes a turn I did not expect.  The climax is quite thrilling.  This is a very good book.

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