Saturday, June 11, 2016

Hardy Boys #122 Carnival of Crime, #123 Robot's Revenge, and #124 Dangerous Beat

In Hardy Boys #122, Carnival of Crime, Frank and Joe go undercover to investigate who is sabotaging a carnival in Bayport.

Major Bowman's daughter, Susan, is in charge of the carnival.  Susan is 18.  I was amazed on page 23 when Joe suggests that she is too young for such responsibility.  Joe is younger than Susan.  Consider the type of experiences the Hardys have had, and Joe dares to suggest that someone older than him is in over her head.

This is the typical sabotage book that does not have a particularly imaginative premise.  I greatly enjoyed the early part of the book, but the story began to lose me around halfway through.  I overall enjoyed the last part of the book, even though I began to have trouble keeping a few of the characters straight.

While I enjoyed this book, I don't think I would want to read it again.

In Hardy Boys #123, The Robot's Revenge, Frank enters the Teen Inventor's Club competition in Chicago with Phil Cohen as his partner.  Soon after the boys' arrival, their robot is stolen!  Other inventions have also gone missing, and it soon becomes apparent that somebody is tampering with the competition.

This was one of the very first Digest books that I read.  As a result, I wasn't sure about this book at first, but I enjoyed it and found it interesting.  This is another example of the typical sabotage book.  The last part of the story is quite thrilling.

In Hardy Boys #124, Mystery with a Dangerous Beat, Frank and Joe are hired to protect famous rock star Brian Beat, lead singer of the Funky Four.  Beat has been the victim of several accidents and has received threats.

I noticed very quickly that the boys and all the other characters keep saying "no problem."  The expression is way overused in this book.

The members of the band all blur together like they are the same person.  They were introduced too quickly and did not make an impression on me.

The villain isn't that hard to guess.

Despite the flaws, I enjoyed this book.

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