Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Hardy Boys #128 Day of the Dinosaur, #129 Dolphin Bay, and #130 Sidetracked to Danger

In Hardy Boys #128, Day of the Dinosaur, Frank and Joe investigate what appears to be sabotage at a museum that is preparing for its grand opening.  Someone has tampered with exhibits, and prowlers enter the property after hours.

This book is not about sabotage, but the back cover synopsis describes the plot as sabotage.  Even when the plot isn't sabotage, the publisher found it easier just to call it sabotage anyway.

The museum has a outdoor exhibit of mechanical dinosaurs that can make limited movements.  At one point, one of the dinosaurs goes on the rampage, resulting in a hilarious scene.

Frank and Joe discuss the case on page 67.
"So like I said, do you think it was stolen?" Joe said.

"And as I said, I don't know," Frank snapped.
Ooh, Frank and Joe are channeling the Power Boys.  I like it.

This is an excellent book all the way through.  I read it quickly.

In Hardy Boys #129, The Treasure at Dolphin Bay, the entire Hardy family is vacationing in Hawaii.  Frank and Joe soon become involved in a mystery at the dolphin research center.  One of the dolphins has been injured, and an employee has vanished.

I noticed that Fenton is not involved at all in the case, nor does he seem even slightly interested.  In one scene, the boys have dinner with their parents and discuss the case in front of their parents.  Fenton never says a word. 

I enjoyed this book from the opening page.  It's great to find a story interesting from the very beginning.  My enjoyment of the text decreased slightly towards the end, but overall I greatly enjoyed this book.

Hardy Boys #130, Sidetracked to Danger, is so boring!  Frank and Joe get to see a collection of model trains, but then the collection is stolen.  The theft might have something to do with another person's attempt to get a building condemned.  Or it might not.  I don't even remember.  I didn't care, and the story is boring.

I didn't like this book.  I have nothing else to say.

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