Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Hardy Boys #92 Shadow Killers, #93 Serpent's Tooth Mystery, and #94 Breakdown in Axelblade

In Hardy Boys #92, The Shadow Killers, every city that is hosting a competition in the karate tournament circuit has had an armory robbed.  Frank and Joe believe that ninjas are involved!

This book never really had my interest.  In the beginning, the boys discuss how difficult a certain opponent will be and how he plays dirty.  The reader hasn't met this person yet, so the discussion is boring.  It's always better for an author to show the reader than explain to the reader.  I didn't care.

The text spends a lot of time with information that isn't that interesting.

The book is okay but nothing special.  I did not care for it.

In Hardy Boys #93, The Serpent's Tooth Mystery, Phil Cohen is working at the zoo in the snake exhibit.  When valuable snakes are stolen, Phil becomes the primary suspect.  Frank and Joe must clear him of the charges.

When the story involves danger to someone important to the protagonists, the story is much more interesting.  It's very important that the Hardys find out who is responsible for the theft so that Phil can be cleared.

This book is pretty exciting, and I read it quickly.  I was a little bored at the end, like I often am when the obligatory question-and-answer session occurs.  Aside from that part, this is an excellent book.

In Hardy Boys #94, Breakdown in Axelblade, Frank and Joe drive to Wyoming to go on a camping trip in a national park.  The boys' van breaks down in Axelblade, which is close to their destination.  Oddly, everyone in town is hostile to the boys.  They are threatened and warned away.  When the boys go camping as planned, they are harassed and abducted.  Soon, the boys discover the deadly secret behind the townspeople's hostility.

This book is interesting from the very start.  The residents of this town are quite hostile.  The boys finally find one ally, but otherwise, everyone seems to hate them.  Their van is set on fire.  The boys are beat up.  They are even framed for a crime they did not commit.

This is an excellent book with no boring parts.  I loved it.

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