Saturday, May 14, 2016

Hardy Boys #89 Sky Blue Frame, #90 Danger on the Diamond, and #91 Shield of Fear

In Hardy Boys #89, The Sky Blue Frame, Mark Maxwell, owner of the Sky Blue Inn, hires Frank and Joe to stage a fake crime at the inn for a mystery weekend, which he has advertised for his guests.  Soon after the boys arrive several crimes are committed... or are the crimes fake?

On page 55, one guest does not socialize during dinner and instead reads a book.  Frank comments, "He's either very rude or a nut about mysteries."  How about he likes to read? 

This book is very interesting.  The reader is kept guessing as to what is really going on.  This story is better than Hardy Boys #154, The Caribbean Cruise Caper, which I had recently read.  The Caribbean Cruise Caper has the same premise, but in that book, everyone knows that the Hardys are staging a mystery.  In this book, none of the guests know that the Hardy Boys are at the inn to plant clues, which makes the story much better and more suspenseful.  Also, other items get stolen, and the reader begins wondering whether someone else is there to set up a fake mystery or whether real crimes are being committed.

This is an excellent story from beginning to end.

In Hardy Boys #90, Danger on the Diamond, Frank and Joe participate in a baseball camp run by a famous former baseball player.  Accidents begin to occur, and it soon becomes apparent that someone is sabotaging the baseball camp.

This story is nonstop action.  Around halfway through, it began to get to me and became annoying.  Once the exact details of the reason for the sabotage are revealed, the book becomes more interesting.

I overall greatly enjoyed the book.

In Hardy Boys #91, Shield of Fear, Frank and Joe are asked to go undercover as police cadets at the police academy in Philadelphia.  The police commissioner's grandson is getting into trouble at the academy, and the commissioner thinks that someone is setting him up.

At first, I greatly enjoyed the story.  As I read further, more characters are introduced, and I began having trouble remembering them.  Whenever that happens, I end up not enjoying the story as much.

I ended not enjoying the second half of the book very much and skimmed the book some towards the end.

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