Sunday, May 29, 2016

Hardy Boys #110 Sigma Seven, #111 Three-Ring Terror, and #112 Demolition Mission

In Hardy Boys #110, The Secret of Sigma Seven, Frank, Joe, and Chet attend a science fiction convention.  A special screening of a new movie is scheduled, but the movie disappears!  Frank and Joe search for clues.

I overall enjoyed the first half of the book, although even the first part isn't that great.  The book began to wear on me after the halfway mark, and I lost interest more and more the further I read.  I skimmed towards the end.  The second half is okay, but I just wanted it to be over.

Overall, I did not like this book very much.

In Hardy Boys #111, Three-Ring Terror, Chet has decided to become a clown and is a student at Circus University.  A juggler passes Chet a coded message, which sets Frank and Joe on a new investigation.  The boys don't know what kind of crime is being committed, but they search for clues.

The story has a few too many characters.  The plot is the standard sabotage plot, and it is not an interesting sabotage book.  The word "sabotage" is used a number of times in the text.

While I overall enjoyed the book, the story is just okay and nothing special.  I skimmed the last few chapters since I didn't really care by that point.

In Hardy Boys #112, The Demolition Mission, Frank and Joe are asked to test-drive the prototype of a new sports car.  They learn that someone has tampered with the vehicle.  The boys look for the saboteur as they face grave danger.

In the beginning of the story, Chet has arrived in a banged-up jeep that is a prototype.  At the top of page 3, Frank comments that "it makes sense to drive one prototype over to the speedway to see another prototype."  I was quite confused, since the text had not yet mentioned anything about the boys looking at a prototype sports car.  If I had read the back cover summary, I would have known.  Since I hadn't, the text made no sense.  A reader's understanding of a book should not be dependent upon the reader reading the book's synopsis before beginning the book.

I was expecting a typical tired-out sabotage book.  After all, the word "sabotage" even appears on the front cover.  While the book is the typical sabotage book, it is much better than I expected.  Since Frank and Joe are in grave danger and in the middle of the action, the book is quite thrilling.  Callie is abducted and is also in grave danger.

The first half of the book is very good.  The second half is excellent and very suspenseful.  I greatly enjoyed this book.

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