Sunday, February 28, 2016

Hardy Boys #42 Viking Symbol and #43 Aztec Warrior

In Hardy Boys #42, The Viking Symbol Mystery, Frank and Joe head to Canada to search for a missing rune stone near Great Slave Lake.

This book is not that interesting.  The story contains too many lessons about runes and how to fly a seaplane.

Caribou yells all time, which is annoying.  His favorite expression is "Bon tonnerre!"

On page 85, it is decided that Joe and Chet will go back to Edmonton to check on an imposter who is not in custody.  This interlude lasts seven pages and is totally pointless and boring.  That pretty much sums up this entire book.  It is full of filler to make a very weak story long enough to publish.

This book bored me.  I ended up skimming the second half of the story.

In Hardy Boys #43, The Mystery of the Aztec Warrior, a mysterious item is left to an heir described only as an "Aztec warrior."  Fenton Hardy and his sons must figure out what the item is and who the heir is.

The beginning of this book bored me.  It is completely uninteresting, and I had no reason to care.  Finally, after Jack Wayne disappears on page 35, the book caught my interest.

The coincidences are a bit unbelievable.

The book is interspersed with history lessons, which are not that interesting.

I enjoyed the book from page 35 until fairly close to the end, where I once again lost interest.  I overall enjoyed this book.

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