Monday, February 8, 2016

Hardy Boys #28 Crooked Arrow and #29 Lost Tunnel

In the original text of Hardy Boys #28, The Sign of the Crooked Arrow, the Hardy boys investigate a series of robberies which are somehow tied to Arrow cigarettes.  More clues are found, including a tie clasp with a crooked arrow on it.  The boys' work on the case is interrupted when they are called west to help Cousin Ruth with her farm.  Soon, the boys realize that the Crooked Arrow gang is responsible for all of Cousin Ruth's problems, and they work to apprehend the gang.

Fenton has a case, a relative is in trouble, and a gang uses Arrow cigarettes to commit crimes.  And as always, all events are part of the same case.

I really like the western setting.  Even though I lost interest towards the end, I greatly enjoyed most all of the book. 

In the original text of Hardy Boys #29, The Secret of the Lost Tunnel, General Smith asks the Hardys to help him vindicate his ancestor, a Confederate general who was accused of stealing gold from a bank.  The gold has never been found, and General Smith hopes that finding the gold will prove his relative innocent of the crime.

On page 82, the boys are looking for tracks in the woods.  Soon, it begins raining so hard that the boys have to seek shelter.  After the rain stops some time later, the boys resume looking for footprints.  Nothing is mentioned about how the rain might have washed the footprints away.

Each time the boys find a clue or something they think is important, they yell about it.  The boys are aware that the villains are in the area, but they broadcast their activities to the world.  This is so stupid!

Towards the end of the story, a blimp falls to the ground while on fire.  Nothing is mentioned about the fire going out, nor is there any concern about the engulfed blimp causing a forest fire.  I thought this was odd.

This book reads very much like a revised text Nancy Drew book.  In fact, I feel like this story would have worked quite well as a Nancy Drew book so long as Ned, Burt, and Dave were along to take care of the chasing down of the crooks.  And of course, we know they would have come along, as always.

I greatly enjoyed this story.

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