Sunday, February 14, 2016

Hardy Boys #32 Crisscross Shadow and #33 Yellow Feather

In the original text of Hardy Boys #32, The Crisscross Shadow, the Hardy boys learn that Chet's great-grandfather was an honorary member of the Pashunk Indian tribe and that he often spoke of a legend involving a lost treasure hidden in a crisscross shadow.  The boys set out with Chet to find the treasure.

This book starts very interesting and overall kept my interest.

I like how the ending does not have the extended question and answer session.  Only a few pages are needed to clear up some details that the reader does not already know.  Since the details are new to the reader, that part is overall interesting.

I enjoyed this book.

In the original text of Hardy Boys #33, The Yellow Feather Mystery, Greg Woodson asks the Hardy boys to help him find his grandfather's lost will at Woodson Academy.  The school was presumably left to Greg, but without a will, the headmaster, Henry Kurt, has taken control.  Meanwhile, a mysterious person called the Yeather Feather has left ominous threats at the school.

I love books set in schools, and I also love books that are set in a small locale where nearly all the action occurs.  This book fits both scenarios. 

This is an excellent book, and I enjoyed every bit of it.  Nothing dragged, and nothing was boring, not even at the end.

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